Join our group of neuroscientists, engineers, biologists and physicists to develop new deep-tissue microscopy techniques and study brain function at great depths. The lab is located at the Charité Medical School and Humboldt University campus in the center of Berlin. We are part of an active neuroscience and imaging community at the Einstein Center for Neurosciences, the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience and Humboldt University.

Main activities

  • Develop cutting-edge deep-tissue imaging techniques based on two- and three-photon microscopy, wavefront shaping and adaptive optics.
  • Collaborate with neuroscientists and implement your designs in vivo to study the function of deep-seated neural circuits. We have active collaborations with the labs of Matthew Larkum, James Poulet, Michael Brecht and others.

Your profile:

  • Strong academic background in engineering, physics and/or biomedical imaging
  • Experience in one or more of the following: optical microscope design, adaptive optics, wavefront shaping
  • Hands-on experience in building optical setups
  • Programming skills, ideally in MATLAB or Python and experience with hardware interfacing

Consider applying if you...

  • …would like to work in a diverse team of scientists with different academic backgrounds
  • …have an interest in basic science questions as well as in technology
  • …would like to develop and pursue your own ideas in a supportive team


  • Live in a global city that welcomes foreigners
  • High purchasing power and low rents
  • Competitive academic salaries (public salary level E13: typical range 56 k€/a - 70 k€/a, depending on level of experience)
  • Family friendly city: free daycare, kindergarten and school

You can find more information about our lab at Feel free to inquire informally by email if you have further questions.

Early applications encouraged. Please include "[deepimage2018]" in the email subject and indicate how you found out about this position. You can use this link to email Benjamin Judkewitz.