Data resources

Schulze* L, Hennninger* J, Kadobianskyi M, Chaigne T, Faustino AI, Hakiy N, Albadri S, Schuelke M, Maler L, Del Bene F, Judkewitz B (2018) Transparent Danionella translucida as a genetically tractable vertebrate brain model, Nature Methods 2018, doi:10.1038/s41592-018-0144-6

  • High-resolution 35 µm MRI of DT (79 MB zipped DICOM file:
    Acquired with preclinical 7T MRI at 35 µm³ isovoxel resolution. Data can be explored with any DICOM viewer, including the freely available FIJI and OsiriX Lite (for mac).

  • Histological Nissl-stained sections of DT head (2.8 GB zip file:
    280 Nissl-stained transverse sections (8 µm thickness) of the DT head in CZI format. Data can be explored with any CZI viewer, such as ZEN Lite by Zeiss, FIJI and many others. A TIFF file including the aligned transverse sections of the brain. Data can be explored with any TIFF viewer, such as Fiji/ImageJ.

  • DT sequencing reads aligned to the ZF genome (3.6 GB BAM file: DT_GRCz10_SRA.bam)
    Data can be browsed with the freely available Integrative Genomics Viewer. NCBI SRA accession number SRR6906431.